Friday, June 20, 2008

Series VI Filters Adapters Photo Accessories

Have a vintage camera you love but cannot find filters to fit the lens? Want to attach a lens hood to your vintage camera but there is no thread to attach a hood?

Consider exploring the world of Series camera accessories. Series accessories were developed pre-WWII and used extensively through the 1970s as a way to cut down on the expense of film camera accessories, especially over a range of non standard camera sizes. The idea was that you could purchase a full set of filters, hoods and other accessories in one series and through the use of adapter rings, adapt them across a narrow range of cameras.

On our website Songofsnow Books & Photo, at, we carry some adapters and filters that are designated as:

(Clicking on the size will take you to our site to see our current inventory in that designation)

  • Series V- Series 5 (27.6mm)
  • Series VI- Series 6 (41.3mm)
  • Series VII- Series 7 (50.8mm)
  • Series VIII- Series 8 (63.5mm)
  • Series IX - Series 9 (82.6mm)

    In addition to Series designation you will also find thread pitch designation such as M49 to F55 or 42 SO series 6.

  • F (fine) 0.5mm
  • M (medium) 0.75mm
  • SO (slip over - see image) teeth on one side of filter that can be crimped to fit odd-sized lenses that do not have thread to screw on photographic accessories. Some professionals prefer to use black tape over crimping to minimize wear to adapter and/or lens casing finish and block any stray light.
  • Except for rare and unusual vintage cameras, you will not have any problem fitting pitch to camera. Medium pitch fits most cameras and fine is used mainly in smaller set-ups.

    Other : For medium format Cameras as Hasselblad, Mamiya RB/RZ and Rollei SLX/SL66, there are some bayonet mount adapters available on a limited basis.

    Series 9 filters and adapters are also popular with movie makers and can be quite expensive and hard to find.

    What you need to do to fit your camera with a Series Adapter and Accessory:

    1. If your camera lens is threaded on the accessory end - measure the diameter of your lens by placing a metric ruler across the face of the lens. Select the Series designation closest to your lens diameter.
    2. If your camera lens is NOT threaded on the accessory end - take a strip of paper and wrap it around the outside of the lens accessory end, mark and measure the distance around the lens, you will need this measurement in both inches and mm
      1. Use the mm reading to determine the nearest matching series size
      2. Use the inches reading to look within that series designation for a Slip Over adapter ring size the same or slightly larger than your inches measurement.
    3. Series FILTERS are threadless so you will need your adapter PLUS a retaining ring to create a filter holder.
    4. To add a Lens hood you will only need the adapter and the hood. No retaining ring is necessary.
    We are here to assist you so if you run into problems or have a question - drop us a note using our contact form found here --

    Tuesday, June 17, 2008

    Museums are a must in Santa fe, NM

    Santa Fe, NM is unusual in that for its size, it has numerous excellent museums. Having come from a town of half a million souls - Portland, OR I was impressed by the quality and number of local museums. Here is a short list of not to be missed sites

    1. Museum of Fine arts in downtown, kitty corner from the Plaza.

    2. Place of the Governor's directly across from the Plaza

    3. Institute of American Indian Arts Museum, one block up from the Plaza on Palace Avenue, across from the Saint Francis Basilica and La Fonda hotel

    4. Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, tucked away just off Guadalupe street where it crosses with Johnson.

    5. The Museum of International Folk Art on Museum hill, a mile or so south of downtown, off Santa Fe Trail.

    6. Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, also on Museum hill

    7. The Museum of Spanish Colonial Art on Museum hill

    Each Museum attracts exhibitions worthy of much larger populations with the added advantage of a close up and personal moment with great works of art, without the crowds.

    We make a point of gathering art catalogs and exhibition guides to much of the great shows in town. These offerings are sometimes the only publication on certain periods or pieces. You can find our current stock at Fine Arts Books or by visiting us directly at

    Monday, June 16, 2008

    Summer is upon us - Santa Fe, NM

    Summer is upon us in Santa Fe, NM and the temperatures are hovering between 85 and 90 degrees with a gentle breeze. This is the Santa Fe that many remember and long for with her gentle rolling hills and pinon trees, chamisa scrub and territorial style architecture.