Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's going on and coming up...

Soon to hit our shelves: a mint collection of vintage Nikon lenses and other vintage photo equipment...

and we are bringing out some fabulous vintage c-mount lenses that are becoming popular with 4/3s systems.

Expect to see some action in our What's New category within the next few days. Cheers Lynne and Ted

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Linhof Super Technika 4x5 Camera with 150mm f4.5 Xenar Lens

Classic professional quality 4x5 camera for studio and field work. Linhof Super Technika model III type 2.
  • Camera serial number 36087.
  •  Includes 150mm Linhof/Schneider Xenar 150mm f4.5 lens in Synchro-Compur shutter.
  • Lens serial number 3171529.
The lens is mounted in a Linhof Technika lens board, includes serial number matched cam and focusing rail cover, front and rear caps.

This lens focuses correctly with the camera rangefinder.

The camera is compatible with a wide variety of focal length lenses, featuring a drop bed for wide angle, and a double extension rail providing approximately 400mm of bellows.

The back may be rotated into horizontal, vertical or intermediate position. The back has a popup leather focusing hood, plain ground glass and fresnel viewing screen, which provides for brighter viewing. The back has four locks, allowing individual movement for perspective control.

The camera takes standard 4x5 film holders as well as roll film adapters.

There is rise and fall in front, as well as shift for the front standard.

This camera is very well made, and was only used by a careful amateur photographer.

The Linhof Schneider lens was hand picked, and bench tested for sharpness, centering, etc. before being passed in the inspection process. Linhof only kept approximately 11 to 13% of all lens that were sent for evaluation.

Condition: The camera and lens are in very good or better condition. This is a one owner camera, and was purchased from an estate. Overall it shows only light wear. The focus is stiff from non use, and may be restored with lubrication. There is no wobble or looseness to the camera. Checked for light leaks, none found.The lens shutter speeds tested 1/2 stop slow, but they are not sticky. Lens glass is clean, coated. There are minor rub marks to paint inside the camera bed. Light rub to leather handle.