Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer in Santa Fe

The State of New Mexico Flag, the POW/MIA flag and the U.S. Flag

Summer is here, Santa Fe is amazingly green, green, green this season thanks to an early monsoon season blessing our state.

Having come to New Mexico from Oregon, I thought that everyone had similar seasons, maybe a little warmer, or more snow (yep I confess ignorance). New Mexico has absolutely spectacular Indian summers that last into October, sometimes November. Then snows, beautiful fluffy dry snow that often blesses us with a white Christmas, then dry, cold and windy. Brrr! Then dry, windy and hot, sometimes the hottest time of the year is Spring time. But Summer monsoon season, where the moisture from coastal Mexico area is carried up throughout the state, is soft, warm and gentle with green plants, breezes and of course spicy thunderstorms rock the early afternoon cleansing the day for a lovely evening out on the town.