Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wow - changes and more changes - moving to Word Press

Well of course we are all excited for Google plus and Larry Page's take over of the world. There will be some casualties and we are among the few.

This blog is moving to 

In a nutshell, and I deliberately choose that word, we have been de-activated out of Google Shopping. Why? Well if you are under 30 and not a photographer, you may not understand that Kodak no longer manufactures Series 6 adapter rings so you may not understand why there is no UPC  code.

The same goes for Google's program that sorts through product data, always hungering for more, and not realizing the a stereocard circa late 1800s - 1900s is not an electronic component.

Or why a vintage etching from approximately the same time period is not bar coded.

As an old timer, I am amused and saddened by the education of the finest programmers. They are brilliant, logical and well intentioned most of the time. They just don't get the rest of the world, no matter how hard they pose as real people.

So as blogs owned by Google are being brought into their vast data collection system, the reliability of access is questionable. We aren't going to fight the ever increasing demand to quantify our products. We are going to move aside because whatever they are doing, I'm sure it will be beneficial for some.

Here is an article about the direction of Google that might interest you

Report: Google to Launch Data Exchange for Advertisers in Coming Week

and another one about Google Plus - an exciting idea, make an informed decision.

Google+: And You Thought Facebook Is A Privacy Nightmare (Update)

I predict Google's new efforts will be a roaring success -- until they stumble over a Rupert Murdock sized privacy blunder and public opinion turns. The way of the world.

Until then - stay safe - have fun - we wish them well. :)

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